D'Annunzio & Sons, Inc., started in business by performing many types of utility work projects. Although D'Annunzio is in its fourth decade, the family has been in heavy construction since 1950. In the first 30 years, the family was known as one of the finest utility and treatment plant contractors in the Northeast. Work was performed from Maine to Virginia and involved some of the most complicated utility work built during that period. Sanitary sewers, tunnels, water distribution, transmission mains and storm water sewers are just a few examples of the projects our firm can execute.

Utility owners buy more than a project contract with D'Annunzio. Proper underground assessment is paramount in utility construction. We begin the process of building a team that can accomplish their objectives, while also identifying and solving problems along the way.

We have several licensed engineers and many other key managers on staff, with over 350 years of combined construction experience. This knowledge base allows us to review a project and determine if there is an opportunity for a value engineering (VE) change.