Known as a premier New York City metropolitan area heavy highway and foundation constructor, D'Annunzio & Sons, Inc., also has decades of experience in an area in which most private clients have little knowledge. Our partnering approach in building projects provides added value by having our team manage your highway expansion projects. We are well respected by both private clients as well as public sector agencies. Our experience with the NJTA, the NJDOT and the PANY&NJ can oftentimes help solve problems on your behalf.

Our company self-performs bridge, road and utility work, which provides complete control over a project's schedule. When we give a client a schedule, it is formulated with over 350 years of combined construction experience. It is a schedule a customer can rely on with confidence. Our last major NJDOT highway project was a $53,000,000 contract. We completed the project ahead of schedule and were awarded a $1,600,000 performance bonus.