Bridge construction requires skilled craftsmen in both the carpentry and ironworker trades. D'Annunzio & Sons, Inc., workforces have years of experience and are competent in all types of bridge work and construction. We have experience in building deep foundation structures, spread footings and caisson foundations. Many of our bridge projects include complex foundation construction methods.

It is our philosophy to do as much work as possible with our own crews, and to minimize the percentage of subcontracted work. In this way, we control the project schedule and drive the process to meet our goals for the erection of both bridge beams and diaphragms. This approach creates a competitive edge by keeping us in control of critical path activities.

Our ability to perform simple and complex structures, coupled with our utility, excavation, grading and paving skills provides our customer with a full service contractor. Eliminating the cost of coordinating and administering multiple trade contracts provides potential savings to a customer.